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This memorial website was created by friends of Terry Maxey.  Terry was born on March 31, 1954 and passed away on October 28, 2006 at the age of 52. Terry touched the lives of many and we hope that this memorial website will allow his family, friends, and acquaintances to pay tribute to this uniquely wonderful and memorable man.

We hope that you will share the fun, laughter, and great memories you have of Terry and that those fond memories will bring smiles, peace and enjoyment to his loved ones in the days ahead.

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Tributes and Condolences
terry's family   / Patricia Pilkington (friend)
Reading Teresa's post made me cry. Terry was a blessing to everyone he met. It was years after his death before I could remove his contact on my phone. I think about him regularly. He was one of two great mentors to me. Teresa Always remember he is a...  Continue >>
Mentor and Friend   / Gina Holloway (Friend)
Terry always brought a smile to my face. He was a source of encouragement for my son and I  at a time when I was'nt sure that we would find our way back from the depths of dysfunction.
He showed me who my son was and to appreciate him ...  Continue >>
In my heart...   / Myka Gilliam (Neice)
Uncle Terry,
          In my heart, you will forever live. It's almost been a year and until now I didn't think I could write anything for this, for you. I felt as if no words of mine could ever compa...  Continue >>
thinking of you   / Nancy Johnson (friend)
Hi Nancy and girls,

Its hard to believe it is coming up on one year since Terry has been gone.  I still think of him often as there are always little things to remind me of him - like seeing a beautiful Harley or maybe a kid...  Continue >>
My one true love   / Nancy Maxey (Wife)

How do I love thee, let me count the ways.  You remember that this was always my favorite poem.  I can't even begin to count those ways...  You were everything to me.  Every day I think about you.  Whe...  Continue >>
Daddy / Theresa Thomas (your little girl )    Read >>
aunt sue is thinking of you  / Sue Maxey Molck (aunt)    Read >>
Just uncle Bill  / Bill Maxey (Uncle)    Read >>
Positive Energy  / Tom Dafforn (Colleague/Friend)    Read >>
Chief U.S. Probation Officer (Ret)  / Don Blackburn (Friend)    Read >>
Terry was there for me and my family  / Lynda Mack (client)    Read >>
How Terry impacted my life  / Taylor Holloway (Friend/counciler)    Read >>
Connections / Karen Alonso (Friend)    Read >>
My brother  / Theresa Gilliam (Sister)    Read >>
TMax my professor,mentor, and Friend...You are missed!  / Johnnie Troutt (Friend)    Read >>
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His legacy
Terry Maxey Memorial Scholarship Fund  
In memory of Terry Maxey, there will be a Terry Maxey Scholarship Fund set up for scholarships for Human Relations students at OU. Terry loved teaching and his impact will be felt by students for a long time. This tribute to Terry will help students to fulfill their dreams, as Terry did. If you would like to contribute, make checks to:
OU Foundation
(Put Terry Maxey Scholarship in memo space)

Mail to:
Department of Human Relations
601 Elm Avenue, Room 728
Norman, OK 73019
Attention: Meg Schmidt
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